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The Wells Bank Alaska Cruise on The Infinity 


"Here is the Wells Bank group on their recent Alaska cruise on the Infinity and they all loved it. 

Good looking  jackets and people." - Mark Comfort


The Wells Bank Alaska Cruise on The Infinity


Dear Mark and Mimi,


I enjoyed the Caribbean Cruise b/c it was my first cruise and we were in the sunshine while everyone back home was freezing.
But, I truly enjoyed this trip so much more!  The scenery was amazing from start to finish.
I really enjoyed the Hubbard Glacier. That was a pretty amazing sight.  The captain pulled the ship to within 1/3 of a mile. They said it was the closest they have been in a long, long time.  Watching the ice chunks fall into the water and hearing the cracking and popping and splashing was unforgettable.   

I also enjoyed just sitting with a cup of coffee at 10:00pm up on deck #10 and looking out at the scenery.  With the sun not setting until 11:00pm you could see so much. 


All of our stops were just beautiful as well.  It was truly a wonderful trip from start to finish. 
Thanks again for all of your help.  
Adam McGinness







 The Wells Bank Alaska Cruise on the Infinity
























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