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Travel GuardI wanted to share with you a great testimonial on Travel Guard  and RCCL.

I had  2 sisters in their 60's,one of their daughter's in her 40's, and  their 95

year old mom traveling on the Majesty this past week. They did the 4 day

Mon - Fri. Three of these women were stranded on Friday evening after getting

off the ship in Miami. They had a great cruise, but  2 of them experienced food

poisoning the day before  somewhere in Key West, and it hit them that next

morning. RCCL got them off the ship in Miami, and the daughter went ahead

and came home. The other 3 stayed back. Their 95 year old mom had to be

hospitalized. Travel Guard took care of them, and got them a hotel, and booked

their flights home yesterday. Also impressive, was that  while sitting in the Miami

airport waiting for their flights yesterday, Janet  received a call from RCCL

hecking in on them to see if they got home ok!


Janet could not stop thanking me for setting them up with Travel Guard. They were a lifesaver from start to finish.

We were closed Friday evening when everything went down, but they were never left feeling alone with having

Travel Guard there. She was also amazed that RCCL took the time to follow up with them, and I have to say that

impressed me as well.


These are both 2 amazing companies, and I just thought I would share.Royal Caribbean International





























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