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Terry & Larry Johnston on 94.9 KCMO Dick Wilson Adventure Groups!


"We will have these memories for a lifetime.

We can’t wait until our next adventure!!!!"
  - Terry & Larry Johnston


 Terry and Larry

What a trip - literally! 


The sun, the water, the sights and sounds will create memories for a lifetime! 


I loved feeding the iguanas! 


I took my first scuba dive and enjoyed the cultural differences among the people. 


The trip on the Catamaran was so much fun with the waves, the water, the snorkeling, and the dancing all the way back to the resort! 


Days of eating all I wanted, ice cream all day any day. 


A table of deserts, boiled shrimp or prime rib, and other delicious treats were constantly available. 


Having a drink at 9 AM, and dancing on the beach at 9PM was like a dream!


What a vacation! Wish I could stay there all the time. 


This picture is of Larry and me, taken at Ecaret, where we floated in an underground body of water for over a mile. 


The day was a wonderful, cool retreat brimming with flamingos, bat caves, butterfly and orchid farms, and ending in a live theatrical experience.



Terry & Larry Johnston
94.9 Trip with Dick Wilson to Cancun












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