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Shana Rains Family goes on the Disney Wonder Ship to Alaska


"Thanks for helping us have a terrific lifetime memory." - Shana Rains




Hi Joanne,


Our vacation was tremendous! 


We had a fabulous experience all the way around.  We only hit rain one day and only drizzle really.  Our weather was good -- not sunny (overcast) but in the 50 -- 60 degree range. 


The activities for kids should sell parents on a Disney cruise as they had a stuff from sunrise to 1am for my kids!  My kids did not take advantage of it like our tablemate's daughter but it wasn't because Disney did not offer it.  As a parent I could turn them loose on the ship and have 100% confidence that all was well and they were in great hands.


We will definitely do another Disney cruise.  We will probably do the Bahamas or such next time as I am a warm weather fan.  It rarely gets too hot for me even though this summer has been getting close. 


I would like to go with either a group of friends or my brother's family on my next cruise as a group would even be more fun. 


Thanks for helping us have a terrific lifetime memory.



Shana Rains



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