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Cruise Line Smoking Policies*
*subject to change


Holland America Line
For all cruises departing on or after January 15, 2012
All staterooms will be non-smoking areas, in addition to the other areas that were already defined as non-smoking. Smoking will continue to be permitted outside on stateroom verandahs. There are designated areas available for smoking both inside the ships and on outside decks as detailed above.
Princess Cruises
Keeping the comfort of our passengers a priority, and in consideration of consumer studies which show smokers are a small minority of passengers, Princess has implemented the following smoking policy:

Designated Smoking Areas

Clearly marked "Designated Smoking Areas” are available onboard and include a sufficient number of ashtrays that are emptied regularly. Generally, these areas include cigar lounges, a section of the nightclub and casino, as well as a portion of the open decks. As a safety precaution, passengers are reminded to properly dispose of cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco, which are never to be thrown overboard as this may be sucked back into the ship and cause fires.
Stateroom Smoking Policy Update

For all voyages departing after January 15th, 2012, Princess Cruises will prohibit smoking in passenger staterooms and balconies. This policy change reflects the preferences of a vast majority of our passengers who value having their primary living space (both stateroom and balcony) smoke-free. As balconies are a hallmark of Princess Cruises, we believe it is important to keep this peaceful space clear of smoke. Violations to this policy will result in a $250 fine for each occurrence, which will be charged to the passenger’s stateroom account. Keeping with the global trend toward more restrictive smoking policies and honoring the wishes of our passengers, we feel this change will enhance our onboard experience and do more to help our passengers escape completely.

Celebrity Cruises
For all Celebrity ships, smoking is not permitted inside any stateroom or on any stateroom veranda. Cigarette smoking will only be permitted in designated indoor and outdoor areas of the ship, while cigar and pipe smoking will only be permitted in designated outdoor areas. Smoking will not be permitted in any dining venue, casino, theater, hallway, elevator or corridor. Violations to this smoking policy will result in a $250 cleaning fee being charged to the guest's onboard account and may also be addressed through Celebrity Cruises' Guest Conduct Policy. Cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco must be properly disposed of and never thrown overboard. A guest must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, possess or use tobacco onboard.
Additionally, there is a non-smoking policy on all components of the land tour portion of all Celebrity Cruises cruisetour products. We appreciate your understanding and adherence.
Royal Caribbean International
For the comfort and enjoyment of our guests, our ships are designated as non-smoking; however, we recognize that some of our guests smoke. Therefore, to provide an onboard environment that also satisfies smokers, we have designated certain public and private areas of the ship as "smoking areas."


Smoking in public areas is only permitted in designated smoking sections which vary by ship. Generally, smoking is permitted outdoors on only one side of the ship; and smoking is permitted on all private ocean front balconies, including Loft Suite balconies on Oasis Class. To assist in locating areas where smoking is permitted, you will find visible signage posted within all smoking areas and ashtrays that are provided for your use. The location of all smoking venues can also be found in the daily Cruise Compass; or you may contact Guest Services once onboard.


For your safety, smoking is not permitted inside any stateroom or on interior private balconies on Oasis Class that overlook The Boardwalk or Central Park. Smoking is not permitted in any dining venue, food outlet, theater, hallway or corridor; nor in Central Park, The Boardwalk or The Jogging Track on Oasis Class ships; nor in the H2O Zone on Oasis and Freedom Class ships. A $250 cleaning fee will be applied to the SeaPass account if smoking has occurred inside staterooms or on private interior balconies overlooking The Boardwalk or Central Park onboard Oasis Class ships. Royal Caribbean International kindly asks all guests to please observe the non-smoking areas and to refrain from smoking pipes or cigars in any of the public areas. These requests are made to provide a comfortable shipboard environment for everyone. Guests who violate this smoking policy may be subject to further action pursuant to the "Consequences Section" of this Guest Conduct Policy.


Pipe and cigar smoking is only permitted within the Cigar lounge. (If no Cigar lounge exists on a particular ship, there will be a designated area for pipe and cigar smoking).


A guest must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, possess or use tobacco products onboard. Cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco must always be properly disposed of and never thrown overboard.