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David & Christie Aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas.  

Christie and Dave Bartlett aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the



Christie and I thoroughly enjoyed our cruise

aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas.

The shows were very good, the food was

excellent, and the ship was huge!


There was always something to do and

if we didn't want to do something that was

on the schedule, we would just find a spot

and people watch. That was as much fun

as anything.


We would highly recommend the Oasis to

others and it was especially stable which was

great for my first cruise. Labadee was nice for

a beach day. Our walking tour of historic

Falmouth was excellent, but we had forgotten

how hot Jamaica was and the 1 1/2 hour walk

in the 90 degree heat was a chore, but we did

enjoy it. Cozumel was nice, but the cruise ship

sold cozumel as this awesome shopping


experience for great deals on diamonds and watches. I guess I'm not the shoppers

 they are looking for, becuase a $500 watch isn't a bargain to me, nor were the

diamonds at the lowest stud earings we were

looking at for Christie at $2000. That part was a bit disappointing, but we had a

terrific time on the Salsa, Salsa, Margarita excursion where we drank margaritas,

learned how to make 7 different kinds of salsa, and got a salsa dance lesson.

It was lots of fun and the classroom was open to the ocean in the background

was wonderful. 


Hope you are doing well.


We may become regular cruisers...


David & Christie


























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