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About Cruise Holidays of Kansas City




Our History

Cruise Holidays of Kansas City was founded on November 14, 1988 by Mimi Comfort, through prayerfully seeking God's direction for the type of business that He would want us to start.  In 1991 Mark Comfort joined Cruise Holidays on a full time basis and today we operate as a corporation . . . Read More


Why Choose Us

At Cruise Holidays of Kansas City we strive to be the best cruise vacation specialist in the world.  Our 'Ten Reasons' define the benefits of booking your cruise vacation through us.  When you add them up you can relax because you are with us! Expert Advice From Real People - Vacations are all we do, and we love it. There's nothing about cruises, or all-inclusive resorts that we don't understand thoroughly . . . Read More


Meet Our Staff
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